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What Do You Want in a Home?

If you’re looking for excellent real estate agents, choose List Build Buy – Keller Williams Realty Greater Chattanooga in Ringgold, GA, North GA and Southeast TN. As husband and wife, we make an incredible real estate team because we understand that a real estate transaction is a personal experience for buyers and sellers. That’s why we take pride in our hands-on, personable approach. We build strong, professional relationships with each of our clients, ensuring they receive the results they deserve.

Buying and Selling Residential and Commercial Property

Whether you’re selling your first home, buying your forever home, or searching for the ideal commercial property – we have the technology, resources, and connections to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible while maximizing your benefits.

What Sets Team List Build Buy Apart?

List Build Buy – Keller Williams Realty Greater Chattanooga blends excellent service with state of the art technology in order to help you buy or sell a home or commercial property efficiently. As a local Keller Williams agent, we have the resources of a large brokerage, combined with the expertise of two realtors who know the local area inside and out.

For buyers, we work to find you the ideal home at the best price as quickly as possible. For sellers, our goal is to get your listing in front of as many eyes as possible while also getting you the best price in the most desirable timeframe.

Our marketing strategy includes:

  • Utilizing drones
  • 3D/Virtual tours
  • Professional photography

We ensure interested buyers can get an up close look at the property and visualize as much detail as possible in order to peak interest. We also organize extravagant open houses that are as enjoyable as they are informative.

We offer free home valuations and a consultation with sellers. During this time, we will go over any potential upgrades that may be needed to ensure we increase the home’s value without losing money on something you won’t get a return on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a Realtor?

Buying and selling real estate can be challenging if you have never done it before, or if it has been a long time since you have purchased or sold. For most people, a real estate transaction is the single biggest investment that they will ever make, and that is not the time to learn on the fly, or “build the airplane while it is in the air”.

Many sellers who attempt this themselves learn quickly that it is not as easy as placing a sign in their front yard and waiting for someone to show up with a check/suitcase full of money. Each deal is unique and has potential pitfalls, but when you have an experienced team working for you then most pitfalls can either be avoided entirely or easily circumvented.

Buyers should always want representation to ensure they receive the best possible price and that all loopholes are closed on contracts.

Are realtor fees included in closing costs?

In short, no. Closing costs are GENERALLY made up of title search fees, lender fees, prepaids, title insurance, loan origination fees, property taxes, attorney fees, just to name a few. Realtor fees, or sale commission, is TYPICALLY a percentage of the sales price of the property and is taken out at closing.

What do real estate agents do?

Real estate agents, or Realtors, assist with marketing, negotiating, pricing, and the sale of real property. Real property is basically anything that cannot be moved without considerable effort, IE a house and/or land.

Do Realtors work on weekends?

We do!

Can you fire a real estate agent?

Absolutely! If an agent is not performing to the level that you were led to believe, or if they have not lived up to the expectations that you set during your listing appointment then contact their broker and let them know you do not want to work with them.

What is CDOM and DOM?

CDOM is consecutive days on the market and DOM is days on the market. DOM reflects how many days you have had the property listed with the current agent, and CDOM would reflect total days if you had listed the property with another agent previously.

What is the minimum credit score that I need to purchase a home?

The market is changing almost every day, so to answer this we would pair you up with a lender that we know will work for you and knows how to get the deal done. You will want a lender who will pick up the phone and answer your call or text on a Sunday afternoon when you are standing in line to get into a open house that will have multiple offers on it by the end of the day. Many deals are conducted outside of the 9-5, Mon-Fri “banker hours” and the buyer who has a responsive lender will get that accepted contract while everyone else is waiting for their lender to open.

Can I buy a foreclosure using FHA or USDA?

No. FHA and USDA loans are subsidized by the US government and are used to get a buyer into a functioning home to live in. The government will not finance your flip home business.

Should I wait until it is a “buyer’s market” to purchase a home?

First let us look at a historical example of a buyer’s market and what that is. The last good example of a buyer’s market would be the years following the stock market crash of 2008. Many people lost their jobs and inventory was high because of so many foreclosures, and those with jobs who still had money were the small pool of potential buyer’s that had the credit and ability to purchase a home. Lots of homes and only a few people actually able to purchase them = buyer’s market. So ask yourself, what did your situation look like during that period? If the answer is not good then I would suggest starting the process while interest rates are at a historic low and lenders are able to get deals pushed through.

What upfront costs do I have to pay to purchase a home?

Depends on a few factors, but here are a few. Disclaimer: These are ESTIMATES.

  1. Earnest money: At least $500, but could be more. This is applied to the closing costs.
  2. Home Inspection: $250-$500 on average depending on the size of the home. This is optional, but recommended.
  3. Closing Costs
    1. FHA = 3.5%
    2. USDA = 3.5%
    3. VA = 5%
    4. Conventional= 5%-20%
  4. Appraisal: $500

Can I buy a foreclosed home?

Yes, and here are a few different ways.

  1. Have cash on hand to purchase the home either at auction from the courthouse or through a real estate agent that is representing the lien holder.
  2. If the property is not in too terrible condition, then it is possible to get it financed through a Conventional loan. This does require an appraisal from your lender.

NOTE: FHA, VA, and USDA WILL NOT finance these types of homes.

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If you want a realtor that cares about you and what you want, you have to get List Build Buy – Keller Williams Realty Greater Chattanooga! They worked tirelessly to find us the exact home we were looking for. Their insight into the market coupled with their personal care and concern for our wants and needs made this the best experience we have ever had purchasing a home. I will be recommending them to everyone I know that needs a realtor. Team King Realtors is the winning Team!

– Rick M.

Ginger and Joel are two of the best Realtors. They answered all of our questions and helped us through the whole process of buying our home. List Build Buy will amaze anyone who uses them. We love our home. Thanks again and call List Build Buy – Keller Williams Realty Greater Chattanooga to buy or sell your home.

– Dawn F.

Very hands on caring realtors! Willing to go the extra mile to take care of your real estate needs. Highly recommend!!!!

– Pam P.

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